Generosity, Gratitude, and Conservation

We are certainly thankful, as Jackie is, for our partners – particularly Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks! for continually spreading the conservation message with joy and wit. Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving, and we hope this Thursday you’ll consider a “Thanksgiving Commitment” to be so grateful for our natural resources that you are generous in your actions toward making it better.

Iowa Learning Farms

Most of my best thinking happens when I am walking my dog Charlie. You might know Charlie, the Conservation Dog. He has been helping us teach elementary and middle school students about conservation over the last five years as part of the Conservation Pack.

He works pretty cheaply. He insists on getting a little something off my plate and twice daily walks. Part of his contract is that we have to walk out at Ada Hayden Heritage Park at least once a week. Ada Hayden is small lake outside Ames that is surrounded by prairie, wetlands and marked by rocks with the images of famous conservationists, such as Ada Hayden and Aldo Leopold, carved into them. Charlie always tends to pee on Aldo for some reason. Perhaps he is hoping that someday his face will grace a rock out at the lake to commemorate his contribution to conservation in…

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