The Eighth [Business] Day of Christmas: Current Technology

On the eighth[business] day of Christmas, the Iowa Water Center gave to me…descriptions for the breakout session Current Technology.

The following presentations will take place at the Iowa Water Conference in Ames on the morning of Thursday, March 24, 2016. Registration for the conference will open in January.

Introducing Iowa StreamStats version 4, a redesign of the U.S. Geological Survey application for estimating low-flow frequencies, flow durations, and flood frequencies for stream sites in Iowa
David Eash, Hydrologist, US Geological Survey

The USGS Iowa StreamStats version 4 application provides a redesigned user interface, streamlined core functionality, map interaction that is more intuitive for users, and improved communication with users for the estimation of 30 streamflow statistics for stream sites in Iowa.

Improving Water Quality through Precision Business Planning
David Muth, Jr., Senior Vice President, AgSolver, Inc.

There is currently a perception that economic and environmental performance are competing objectives. The reality is that once we understand how business performance is actually varying within our fields we can find opportunities to improve economic and environmental performance simultaneously.

Over land, water, air and cyberspace — Using new resources in watershed planning
Gregory Pierce, Water Resource Engineer, RDG Planning + Design

Learn how new technologies have changed the study of watersheds and how they were applied in preparing the Walnut Creek Watershed Plan in the rapidly changing 53,000 acre watershed in Central Iowa.

Using technology to fill information gaps on BMP benefits between on-the-ground implementation and large scale planning efforts
Drew Kessler, Scientist, Houston Engineering, Inc.

This presentation will demonstrate how emerging technologies are being used to fill the information gaps between regional, state, and watershed plans, and the benefits of specific on-the-ground conservation projects and practices.



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