Meet Meghan Hanley

My name is Meghan Hanley and I am very excited to be one of the new Outreach and Engagement Assistants for the Iowa Water Center.… Read More Meet Meghan Hanley

Meet Kelyin Chng

My name is Kelyin Chng and I will be fulfilling one of two Outreach and Engagement Assistant positions! I am currently majoring in Marketing while searching for a second major at Iowa State University. My experience within the field of Marketing has been exciting and I can’t wait to create engaging artifacts for the Iowa Water Center! I have explored the sales and design part of marketing but found more of a passion for the design side. Despite the curveball life has thrown at us, I am eager to begin this position online at home for the time being.… Read More Meet Kelyin Chng

Kansas Agricultural Watershed Field Research Facility

Midwestern row-crop agriculture is recognized as being highly productive, but is also cited for impairing surrounding ecosystems and impacting environmental quality. Water quality is a key metric utilized to characterize the health of an agricultural watershed. Therefore, it is important to know how new or alternative management practices impact water quality. With this in mind, the Kansas Agricultural Watershed (KAW) Field Laboratory was created in 2014 to study the effects of agricultural systems on water, sediment and nutrient losses. The goal of the KAW field lab is to evaluate and develop sustainable conservation practices that protect water quality, maintain yield and profitability and provide producers with flexible options for management of crops and nutrients.… Read More Kansas Agricultural Watershed Field Research Facility

The Importance of Groundwater and How to Monitor it From Space

When water from rainfall and snowmelt enters and saturates the soil column, some of that water flows to streams, some evaporates and some is absorbed by plant roots. The rest drains downward to recharge underground aquifers, where it can remain for months, years or even millennia. If you dig deep enough, groundwater can be found almost anywhere, even beneath the Sahara Desert. Groundwater is vital to both people and ecosystems because of the ability of aquifers to store water during wet periods for use during dry periods. It supports domestic, municipal, industrial and especially agricultural usage in places where surface waters are not available, and it sustains streams and rivers, via contributions to baseflow, in between precipitation events… Read More The Importance of Groundwater and How to Monitor it From Space